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Wayne Cumberbatch

…he has never shied away from hard work and that
his passion for agriculture was ingrained in him from a
very early age…

His work ethic is rooted in his desire for order and discipline. He stated, “I am up early, I have a good breakfast and I break only for lunch.” He stresses that he works every day, weather permitting. He no longer treks across the island to work; instead, he concentrates his efforts on cultivating the lands in the parishes of St. Philip, St. George and St. John.

Mr. Cumberbatch loves nature in all forms. When asked what makes him happy his response did not surprise. It was the Egrets, the white birds, trailing his tractor looking for insects. “That’s enjoyment,” he said with a broad smile.

A cursory glance at Mr. Wayne Cumberbatch sitting in his “office”, as he describes his tractor, is a picture of a farmer diligently at work. It only takes a few minutes, however, of serious discussion with him to recognise that he is a dedicated Cultivation Services Provider who makes an invaluable contribution to the farming community

Mr. Cumberbatch obtained a licence to operate a tractor in 1978 and worked for various plantations. In 1990 he bought his first tractor which facilitated his working on a part‐time basis for small farmers in St. Phillip. However, his desire to expand his business meant that he had to purchase a bigger tractor. Obtaining financing from traditional lending institutions was challenging for him and he turned to Enterprise Growth Fund Ltd. which not only financed his expansion but gave him invaluable support and guidance with his operations.

Mr. Cumberbatch asserts that he has never shied away from hard work and that his passion for agriculture was ingrained in him from a very early age by his grandfather, Mr. Leslie Daniel. That commitment to hard work is still evident today as he proudly boasts that he helps to feed the nation.

Mr. Cumberbatch dreams of a Barbados where farmers can pool their resources to create cost effective food options and where young people can find rewarding farming opportunities. He stresses the need to be self‐reliant and proactive in order for everyone to make a meaningful contribution to the country he loves.

When he is not “sitting in the office”, he relaxes with a cup of tea, watches a good Western from his movie collection or worships at St. Martins Anglican Church, where he is an usher. He believes that his strong faith in God sustains him.

Mr. Cumberbatch has high praise for the management and staff at EGFL whom he considers “a family that I am proud to be part of.”