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Application Process

In addition to consulting the following general information on the application process, interested persons should also pay close attention to the specific requirements for each financing window as outlined under the Finance Section.

The process of accessing financing from EGFL and all the Funds under management, except for loans between $50,000 and $150,000 from the Agricultural Development Fund, starts with the submission of a business proposal.

This proposal should be as comprehensive as possible to facilitate the appraisal process undertaken by EGFL. Guidelines to assist in the preparation of the business plan can be found here. After appraisal, the proposal is submitted to the respective Committee/Board for consideration and approval. On approval, a formal offer is presented to the applicant. Once the terms of the offer are accepted by the applicant, as evidenced by the signing and execution of the offer document, the legal process will commence.

When the legal documentation process has been completed funds will be available for disbursements subject to satisfactory compliance with all terms and conditions associated with the facility.