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Application Form – Agricultural Loans

Instructions and Explanations for Completing the Application Form

Customer Data

Enterprise Name and Address:

This will apply to companies, associations, co-operatives and individuals who are not farming at their homes

Type of Existing Enterprise:

What is the enterprise currently engaged in (livestock, vegetables, etc.)?

Scale of Enterprise:

How large is the current operation (number of acres, number of livestock)?

Application Data


Does the enterprise own the land/property or are you leasing?


What does the enterprise own in terms of collateral (real estate, shares, etc.)?

Financial Data

Current Assets:

A listing of the liquid assets (cash, inventory, receivables, etc.) owned by individuals and farms/enterprises.

Current Liabilities:

The amounts owed (payables, short-term loans, etc.) by the farm and non-farm entities in the short term (1 year or less).

Fixed Assets:

A listing of the long-lived assets of the farm and non-farm entities.

Long-Term Liabilities:

The amounts owed by the farm and non-farm entities in the long term (more than 1 year).

Net Worth:

The difference between total assets and total liabilities.

Other Financial Data:

This refers to any additional information which is relevant to the financial data provided. Examples may include the names of companies with whom you have hire purchase contracts and companies in which you own shares.

Credit History

The information requested in this section must be confirmed by documentation from the financial institution that provided the individual and or company/association with
the funds.

Application Form – Agricultural Loans

C/o Enterprise Growth Fund Limited
“Westgate”, Monteith Gardens, Barbarees Hill, St. Michael
Tel: 537-5900, Email: [email protected]

Application Form

Customer Data

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